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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eid Ki Sevaiyan...

I have been blessed to work with some really gifted people.... and on of them is Chef Naseem, from whom i have learn a true elixir... Sevaiyon  Ka Muzaffar... and then after adding few of my personal twists i make this recipe over and over again, pleasing many friends and sending it as Eid sweet. This Eid we had a Bloggers Meet at my residence and some wonderful foodies came over for a potluck... I cooked Rajmah and Sevaiyon ka Muzaffar... Thus,  sharing the recipe.

Sevaiyon Ka Muzaffar 

Sevaiyan toasted 200g 
Ghee 100 ml 
Sugar 200 g 
Water 200 ml 
Milk 50 ml 
Cardamom Powder 1 tsp 
Meetha Itr few drops 
khoya 50 g 

Cashewnut 50 g 
Raisin 50g
Almonds 50g
dated 50g 
magaz 1 tbsp 
chironjii 1 tbsp 
glazed cherries few 
petha 50g 
ghee for frying 1 tbsp 

Silver Warq for garnish 

  • Chop all dry fruits and saute in ghee 
  • boil water and sugar to form a syrup 
  • Saute the sevaiyan in ghee and add the syrup and cook till all syrup is absorbed
  • add the milk and cardamom powder and ittr and cook till mill gets absorbed 
  • add half the dry fruits and mix well 
  • transfer into a large dish and spread it evenly top with khoya, warq and remaining dry fruits

Eid Mubarak Everyone ....


  1. kya ye dish apke cafe mei kabhi khane milegi?rahul

  2. no divya.... these are some delicacies i make ... but not for the cafe ....