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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mihidana Cheese Cake - Durga Puja Delights

On the onset of Durga puja, Kolkata becoms sheerly festive. Every year Kolkata celebrated this festival like a carnival, Pujor Khabar forms an integral part of the entire Parikrama. Going to restaurants and smapling new fare, as almost every restaurants serve some Puja specials. 

Pujo, as I correct myself, comes with really wild memories, all nigh long panadal hopping session, the smell of dhuno, the ecoes of conch early in the morning, the dhaak beating at a tempo that would render anyone dancing. The Giant wheels, the adda at Maddox Square all keep me waiting every year for durga puja . They say you always meet lost friends at Maddox Square in the pujas. 

The biryani, kosha stalls at puja pandals, those paara pandaal cultural functions, Shayama, Chandalika, Chitrangada, all coming to life in local pandals. And not to forget the early Morning breakfasts at Terhatti bazaar. 

Well before I get carried away, Let me tell you what I have in Store. I am taking a Present day hit Cheese Cake and giving it a traditional Bengali twist. Taking the quintessential Bangali MIHIDANA and paring it with a cheese cake .  Had Shared this recipe with RJ Arvind on Radio One .... In his show Arvind's Kitchen. 

Gelatin 50 g
1/2 cup water 
Whipped cream 200g
Cream Cheese 100g 
Marie biscuits 75g
ginger biscuts 50 g
Butter 50g
Powdered sugar 50g + 50g
Mihidna (motichoor ) 250 g 
2 tsp badam syrup 

  • Whip the cream and set aside
  • Beat in powdered sugar 50g in to the cream with some chopped fresh fruit or crush
  • Crush the biscuits and mix 50g sugar and butter into the biscuits for the base
  • Set the crust and chill
  • Dissolve and melt gelatin in water 
  • Add the gelatin to the cream mixture
  • mix in 200 g of the mihidana and badam syrup 
  • Pour over the crust and chill
  • Finally top with remaining mihidana and set 


  1. Hey, you whip the cream cheese and the whipping cream together here? It seems to be quite brilliant!

  2. Hi Avinandan

    well u whip the cream separately ....

    then whip the cheese separately .... and then with a hand whisk just beat them together for a few seconds :)


  3. This site is such a delight for the soul. Niagra falls in the tongue! Have to follow.

    1. Thank You. Words of appreciation mean a lot. :)

      Hope i will put up more lovely stuff in days to come :)

      thanks for following :)



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    1. Thank you so much ... will send u an email...

  5. Ami eta khabo......kobe asbo bolo? Litti, Chokha & Chutney is waiting for you in Chandannagar....:)

    1. Sanoli di.... Will call u once i have made it :) you are always welcome

  6. Rahul Hi, I thank you for the easy to follow and great recipes you have given here. I have though one question here ...what pan sizes you are using for the cheese cakes? I have 7 and 8 spring form pans. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Wish you all the best for coming Diwali..

    1. Sorry for the late reply,

      I use an 8 inch pan ...

      wish u a happy diwali as well