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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pommes Marquise .... A Classic

First of all let me apologize for such a long gap in my post. Let me make it up with a timeless dish, a classic, The Pommes Marquise ... A classic dish that is not just delicious but is like a melody is taste on the palette.

Here goes ...

Boiled potato 6 nos
White Pepper Powder 
Powdered sugar
Egg yolk 2 nos 
Cheese spread 2 tbsp
Tomato Concasse / home made tomato sauce 6 tbs
  • Mash the boiled potato and pass through a sieve 
  • Blend in cheese spread and seasoning 
  • Pipe through a piping bag and make cups with mash 
  • fill with tomato sauce and gratin-ate for 10 minutes at 200 degrees and bake till golden 
  • P.s. Make sure the potato you use are old potatoes (aged)
For Tomato Sauce

Tomato 4 nos
Tomato ketchup  ½ cup
Tomato Puree ½ cup
Chili flakes
Onion 2 nos chopped
Garlic 2 cloves grated
Celery 2 tbsp chopped
Sugar 2 tsp
Chili flakes
Olive oil 3 tbsp

  • Deseed the peeled tomatoes and chop them
  • Sauté onion. Celery. Garlic  in olive oil
  • Add the chopped tomato, and the puree and the ketchup
  • And dry spices and herbs and cook till oil leaves sides

This is a simple recipe but when done right it can taste marvelous. Bon Appetit ...


  1. Hi, that's look awesome and delectable. Very impressive potato dish. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Have a great day.

    1. Thanks Amelia,

      This is one of the foundation dishes i learnt at catering college :)

  2. won't taste half bad with sriracha, what say?