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Monday, September 16, 2013

Banoffee - The Diet Killer

There are few things that are good for health, and few that are not... and some that should not be classified. Just cheat on your diet for heavens sake. Banoffee for a layman is BANANA + TOFFEE. and to make it more sinful i put these in my Rich Chocolate Cake and Guess what .... the entire thing takes only twenty-five minutes to make.

Eggless cake ( microwave )

Condensed milk ½ tin
Milk ½ cup
½ cup oil
4 tbsp powdered sugar
100g maida
25 g Cocoa Powder 
½ tsp soda bi card
1 tsp baking powder
Vanilla essence few drops

  • Sift dry ingredients together
  • Blend sugar , condensed milk and oil together till thick
  • Blend in the milk and vanilla essence
  • Slowly mix in the dry ingredients
  • Bake in a microwave proof dish  for 5 -6 min that has been lined with butter and dusted with flour 
  • Let is rest for 5 min 

4 bananas sliced 
Butter 1 tbs
honey 2 tbsp 
chocolate sauce 1/2 cup
butterscotch sauce 1/2 cup
cinnamon powder 1 tsp 
Whipped cream 100 g 

  • cut the sponge cake into two 
  • leave to cool under a fan 
  • heat butter in a pan and add honey and saute for 1 min till it begins to caramelize
  • add bananas and saute for a few seconds and add cinnamon powder
  • cool for a few mins and start layering as follows  
1. bottom half of the chocolate cake
2. half the whipped cream 
3. bananas 
4. half the chocolate sauce 
5. half the butter scotch sauce 
6. second half of the cake 
7. remaining cream 
8. remaining chocolate sauce and butterscotch sauce 

Chill the cake for a few hours before serving 

P.s. Layering can be done in a Pie crust and be called a banoffee pie 


  1. Just awesome rahul. This one is really diet killer. :)

    1. Chandrani thanks,

      do try it ... its a super easy ... :)

  2. Bananas..I do not like..but what I am drooling all over are the swirls of chocolate and butterscotch sauces. Looks decadent.

    1. Thanks amrita....

      if u do not like bananas u can put orange... even strawberry .... both do equal justice to chocolate .... or for the matter soak raisins in rum with some cinnamon and just add them ... it will be blissful

  3. 1st time to ur space and love the whole thing :) Gladly following u now :)

    1. thanks shweet spicess

      i am new to bloggig... hav been cooking for a long time now ... thus still getting the fang of it ... i am glad u liked my content and hope i can bring more stuff to you guys in days to come ...

      please share ur blog address if any here so that i could visit it as well