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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rajmah ke Kebaab

Vegetarianism can be quite a lot of fun if one knows how to play along with ingredients. Hailing from a vegetarian family, I am forever inspired by my Mum's endeavors to be cook new delights to please us. This recipe is dedicated to Mum and created to bring a smile on her face. Also my pestering students who keep forcing me to make new dishes in our little cooking class. so here goes.


Rajman (kidney bean) 1 cup 
Boiled potatoes 2 large
onions 1 large (chopped)
green chilies 1 large (chopped) 
Grated ginger 1/2 tsp 
Everest Meat Masala 1/2 tsp 
Sattu ( roasted Gram Flour) 2 tsp 
olive oil 1 tsp
crushed coriander seeds 1/2 tsp 
ice cream sticks 15 nos

flour 2 tbsp 
water 1/2 cup ( chilled) 
baking powder 1 pinch 

Chat masala for sprinkling
lemon wedges and chutney as accompaniment 


  • soak rajma overnight, and boil till soft
  • blitz the rajma and mash with boiled potato to for am soft dough and add Sattu 
  • in a non stick pan, heat olive oil and crackle the coriander seeds and chilies
  • add the ginger and saute for a few seconds
  • add chopped onions to the tempering and the dry spices. cook till brown 
  • add the spiced onions to the Rajma paste
  • mix together 
  • use ice-cream sticks and the kebaab mixture and shape like chicken drum sticks 
  • put in the freezer for 30 mins so that they set
  • make the batter by mixing flour, chilled water, salt and baking powder
  • coat each stick in batter and deep fry 
  • serve hot 

P.S.  Shape like a croquet ( cylinder ) and it can be called Rajma ke Shammi 
P.P.S. Shape like a patty ( thin round ) and grill on a griddle plate and call it Rajmah ke Galuti
P.P.P.S. Also a great item to make rumaali rolls with coriander chutney and Lachha onions
Will soon bring to you a nice and easy Phirni.....
Khudah Hafiz.....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Make Your Own Tandoor....

As much as i want to hide, the Punjabi in me does manage to pull off a "peek-a-boo". What I want to bring to you today is what i began this blog with - Breads. Breads form an integral part of Punjabi cuisine and naan and kulchas being most important. As much as one tries, a griddle plate cannot replace a Tandoor in terms of texture and flavor. The mordern day houses or flats do not allow us to be able to install a tandoor in the house.

What i am bringing to you today is a quick and easy way of making a tandoor with a Five Kilo GHEE TIN.

First let me share a recipe for a quick and easy Naan Dough :

Naan Dough

Maida 2 cups
Sugar 1 tsp
Dahi  / Curd 2 tbsp
1 egg
Baking powder 1 large pinch

  • Knead with warm water and keep aside for 1 hour 
  • cover with a damp cloth till you use it

now lets process the TIN..... 

  • cut open the tin completely to make it look like a bin 
  • heat the tin and temper the metal 
  • apply some ghee and keep aside
NEVER WASH THE TIN.... heat well before use 

Make the naan Shape bay rolling it ... should be at least 4 mm thick

Preaheat the tin

apply water on one side and with the watered surface towards the inside of the tin , paste the naan 

apply three or four while tine tin is lying on the flame horizontally 

Next invert the tin on the flame and cook till the naans are golden brown 

apply butter and serve hot 

 Serve with some piping hot dal makhani...or some hot chholey..... and VOILA!!...

With that same dough one can make kulchas with various fiillings....in the same method....

Shab-bakahir till next time.....