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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Food, as i always say, is an indulgence as old as mankind, an age old addiction that some times can make people make more helpless than little kids, made me feel like one too today. have not written anything for long, my apologies, but have not eaten any food that has inspired me to write, in a long long longggg time.

Well, when you drive through old ballygunj, Bondel road, etc, the colours one gets to see are grey, black, brown , faded red ( that was painted over 50 years ago) . but in the middle of this nostalgic old world walk, if you see a bright yellow window, a bottle green canopy, and a chirpy looking place, you have reached Bohemian.

A contemporary restaurant keeping the lovely root flavors of Bengal in mind. bohemian has something for all to relish

Devilled Mushroom

Spinach And Corn Wraps
our order consisted of the following
Devilled Mushrooms
Corn and spinach wrap

Gondhoraj Prawns 
Lamb Roast with Bhuna Sauce
Cottage Cheese and Kidney Bean Casserole 
Stuffed Mushrooms

Malpua Cheese Cake 
Gandharaj Souffle
Gur-a-mel Custard

 To begin with, if your in a hurry, don't come to this place, this place is for people who enjoy not only food but also the process of it being prepared, and the eager wait for it to arrive, it has a very cozy ambiance, some vintage rock music playing, rock posters, and pictures of some rock classics on clothes pegs at the window,
I love the thought that went behind every little detail of the place....

Cottage Cheese and Kidney Bean Casserole
The starter was good. but the main course is what left me craving,  the casserole, with its velvety gravy, and delicious greens ( most probably kalmi saag), the delicious spiked gravy of the mushrooms. The lamb too was tender as hell, smooth on the bite and beautiful bhuna gravy with with. The gandharaj prawns are pretty much similar to the Bengali classic chingri maali curry , although the gandharaaj flavors did give it a very Thai feel. The meal was not on well cooked, but the plating aesthetically designed.

Work of not only an experienced chef, but one who loves food and respects every ingredient. Good food should talk to you, and the food here did not only talk, but also make me long for every bite coming, when the main course ended, our stomachs were full to the brim, but we still ordered dessert.

Stuffed Mushrooms 

Roast Lamb With Bhuna Sauce

Gandharaj Prawns

Malpua Cheese Cake 

Gandharaj Souffle
Getting to the dessert was like a journey. Little did we realize the the dessert will be like a miraculous climax to this love making session we had with our taste buds. Cant stop thinking about the malpua cheese cake, delicately flavored, and skillfully made, or the bitter sweet gandharaaj souffle. and not forget, The Gur-a-mel, now that is nothing new, its caramel made with gur(jaggery). and it topped over a brown custard.....

when the dessert got over, we felt like little kids who have been suddenly derived of their favorite toys.

Craftily designed, and beautifully executed. Chef Joy  Banerjee, Kudos!

for one i was over eaten and still craving for maybe a lilt bit more.....and yes..... MY NEW FAVOURITE....