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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Roasted Pumpkin and Chicken Salad : Delicious Yet Guilt Free

I know its been long since I posted a recipe and I regret my absence, but being on a life changing journey has its ups and downs. In this time,  I discovered a side to myself that I had no clue about , the fact that guilt free food can be absolutely delicious is my new discover.We all love pumpkins and in Bengal, pumpkin holds a special place of respect in the kitchen . But the humble pumpkin also has this soul comforting thing about itself . Be it sweet , indulgent kumror chhokka or  a nice creamy kaddu ka halwa, we do manage to use this bright orange vegetable to its fullest . 

Besides all this we forget that the humble pumpkin is a rich source  of minerals, like potassium . and is also rich in vitamin c . Well, I'm sure we all can google the health benefits of pumpkin and figure out , so  I can cut the nutrition class short . Sharing a lovely recipe where the  common vegetable might not be the hero , but does add that spunk into the salad . 

Pumpkin 100g (cubes)
Worcestershire sauce 1 tsp
Chopped mint leaves 1 tsp
  • ·         Mix all ingredients and bake in the oven for 15 mins at 200 degrees Celsius

Chicken Leg boneless 100g
Black pepper sauce 2 tbsp
  • ·         Marinate the chicken meat with salt and black pepper sauce leave aside for 30 mins
  • ·         Bake at 150 degrees for  45 mins
  • ·         Do not throw the pan juices

Assorted lettuce 100g
Cherry tomato 10 nos
Toasted almond flakes 1 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tsp
Honey ½ tsp
Diced bell peppers 2 tbsp
Olives slices 1 tbsp
  • ·         Make a bed with the washed lettuce
  • ·         Arrange halved tomatoes , olives and bell peppers
  • ·         Place the pumpkin on the salad , slice the chicken and add to the salad
  • ·         Whisk the chicken pan juices , honey and lemon juice to form a dressing
  • ·         Pour over the salad , Finish with almond