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Friday, May 9, 2014

Mutton Rezala - A Recipe to Comfort the Soul .

If you are born in Kolkata and have been a mutton fan, this recipe is sure to be a favorite . There are very few people in the world who don't like mutton rezala. If you have have Muslim friends ( I have some who are brilliant cooks ) you have always eaten this at their parties as this is a sure shot hit .

Although very nawabi , the white rezala in a native to Bengal itself and the rezala i have had in Hyderabad is brown

A rezala, essentially means REAL . and the beauty of this dish is that every recipe claims to be authentic, whereas most aren't.  few pointers of a good rezala are as follows:

  • A rezala should not be too thick, 
  • must have distinct flavor of yogurt,
  • the yogurt should never curdle or get gritty 
  • there must be a meaty flavor 
  • the kewra or rose should be only an afterthought 
  • should be cooked in ghee 
  • the should not fall off the bone
  • should not be over cooked 

I am sharing my version of the recipe . Most rezala recipes will call for nut pastes or poppy seed paste, I don't like using it .

Here Goes


Mutton 500g 
onion 3 large 
ginger 1 cm piece 
green chilies 3 nos 
ghee 1/2 cup 
cream 3 tbsp 
curd 3/4 cup 
cinnamon 2 sticks 
cardamom 5 nos 
whole black peppers 1/2 tsp 
bay leaves 2 nos 
dry red chili 1 nos 
rose water 1/2 tsp 
kewra water 1/2 tsp 
cardamom powder 1/2 tsp 
salt to taste 
pepper 1 tsp 
coriander powder 1 tbsp 
garam masala 1 pinch 
sugar 1 tbsp 

  • heat ghee and temper with bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon, dry chili and pepper corn 
  • blend onion ginger and green chili in to a fine paste and add to the ghee 
  • make sure it is a heavy bottom pan 
  • add the mutton pieces and sear the meat 
  • add some sugar and cook till it starts to give out a caramel smell 
  • add the dry spices and seasoning and cook for a few seconds 
  • add the cream and a little water a cook till oil leaves the sides 
  • switch off the gas and add yogurt , let it stay untouched for a few mins ... 
  • as the yogurt adjusts to the temperature stir it in gently
  • then rest again for few minutes 
  • pressure cook or cook covered till the meat is tender 
  • finish with rose water and cardamom powder 
If cooked properly, a rezala speaks to you and talks to you ,