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Monday, September 9, 2013

Five Spice... The Magic Powder

Most People who use five spice powder know it as a flavoring that masks that meaty flavor of pork and duck. The origins of five spice come from the southern China where the roasts and braises are very popular. mostly used as a dry rub but it can also be used for some amazing stir fries.

The main ingredients of a 5 spice powder are as follows:
Fennel Seeds 
Star Anise 

For braises one can also add some dried mandarin orange peel as well 

I usually like to pair it with bean sprouts as it really compliments the wild grassy flavor of bean sprouts. Sharing a recipe that has always been a hit for all my health conscious friends 

 Stir fried Bean Sprouts with five Spice

Bean Sprouts 2 cups
Sliced onions 1 nos
Spring onion ½ cup
Fried garlic 1 tsp
5 spice powder 1 tsp
Assorted bell peppers 1 cup
Lemon 1 nos juice and rind
Chili oil 1 tsp
Oyster mushroom sauce 1 tsp

  • Heat chili oil and sauté onion and bell pepper
  • Add the seasonings and the sauce and 5 spice
  • Toss the bean sprouts finish with few drops of lemon juice and lemon rind
Hope all the people on a diet will not have any complains now... Some diet food can even make people jealous. 


  1. why MSG? Isn't it supposed to be bad for our health?...many websites say that... that's why asking :)

    1. Hi Gunjan,

      MSG is harmful if consumed in large quantities ...

      had it been a life hazard... china would not have have such a huge population ...

      we use a pinch ... it is a flavor enhancer... and helps bringing flavors together especially for stir fried where in over cooking can kill nutrition ... if u want to omit it there is not harm