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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Afternoon Indulgence - Mushroom Pot-pie

Mushrooms, are my happy vegetable . By "happy vegetable" I mean something can not only bring instant happiness to the taste buds but also something that goes really well for every course of the meal, every cuisine, every time of the day, low fat, high fat, EVERY SINGLE WAY. I just love mushrooms.

Be it the Italian Portobello topped with cheese, or delicate Inoki in a miso, Mushrooms just know hpw to find their way in every restaurant meal I order. And when at home, I am forever doing things with them, Satay, kebabs, biryani, tikkas, the works.

Well today I am bringing to you something that's a favorite family lunch/brunch recipe. Essentially, a POT PIE is a hearty vegetable or a meat ragout or maybe a stew or maybe a braise which is encased in a ceramic pot and sealed with puff pastry or a short crust pasty and baked till golden and often opened at the table, yielding some amazing aromas that would usually be missed while its cooked open.

Maida / flour  2 cups
Olive oil 4 tbsp
Butter 1 tsp
Sugar powdered 1 tsp
Butter 50g

  • Knead into a firm dough and roll thin 8 inch sheets (all ingredients except butter)
  • if u are unable to roll even rounds, make large ones and cut with a cutter 
  • butter each sheet on one side and make 2 sets of 5 layered 
  • make sure the sheets are paper thin 
Milk 3 tbsp
1tsp sugar
  • Dissolve together and use to brush the pot pie 

Assorted mushrooms 2 cups (sliced)
Onion chopped 1 nos
Grated carrot 1 nos
chopped celery 1  tbsp
Fried garlic  tsp
White sauce  2 tbsp
Grated cheese  50g
Tomato ketchup 3 tbsp
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Spring onion 2 nos

  • Heat oil and sauté onion and carrot
  • Add chopped celery  and mushrooms and sauté till they becomes soft and moisture almost evaporates
  • Add seasonings of salt pepper sugar and add white sauce
  • Add garlic and tomato ketchup and cheese
  • Fill in pots and cover with layered dough sheets 
  • blanch the spring onion greens and use them to tie the dough in place 
  • Tie with spring onion and top with milk brushing
  • bake at 200 degrees or till crust is golden ... 

 This recipe should yield 2  pot pies enough for 4 people 


  1. Hi Rahul, your mushroom pot pie look so delightful. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Glad to see you drop by my humble blog. Nice to meet you.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hey Amelia,

      thank u so much for visiting ... i am really new to the world of blogging... I could do with a few tips as well. Do give me any pointers u feel like