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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A piece of Tibet

Momos, there are millions of momo vendors in the city, The Bengali always had a soft corner for the Asian flavors, but today Momos are becoming a very big comfort food for all. Kolkata houses some of the really popular momo shops. Another thing that is really getting on to the generation today is Thukpa. A meal in a bowl with soup, noodles, vegetables and meats. Very lightly spiced, a Thukpa is a very healthy 'eat out' dish .

Away from all the commercial stir, with no advertising , "The Blue Poppy" and Sikkim House is a treasure chest of surprises.

The Blue Poppy
Sikkim House
Middleton Row


I am sure you think by now I am going to talk about momos. Well no i am not, i do want to talk about some other fantastic delicacies. With wast array if dishes to offer, Blue Poppy is a secret hideout for many a office goer and also for students from nearby schools and colleges. Gaining popularity wholly with their food quality and hospitable ambiance. The serve some amazing gastronomical treats from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan . The regular Chinese food is also available for the slightly less experimental.

When you enter the place it transports you to Gangtok or Darjeeling. The smells, the decor, all is so inviting. The warmth and coziness are enhanced by the lovely hostess, Tiki . Amicable nature is her plus and she is always smiling and ready to help out with the menu.

With her recommendation I ordered Chicken Shapta, a country style spicy chicken stir fried with loads of onions and tomato. PLEASE tell them to reduce the spice levels 'coz if you can eat chilies this is not a thing for u. A favorite side order with this is the Ting momo. This is a steamed BUN, Similar to the Chinese Tai Pao, the Ting Momo is to Tibetian food what bread rolls are to continental food. fantastic to dunk in some hot soup or maybe as an accompaniment to a spicy stir fry, it adds a lot of character to the food you are having.

One must also try to have their Phaley, which is like a paratha stuffed with meat.
Needless to say that they have fantastic momos and thukpa.They also have steamed Pork Buns ( which need to be ordered in advance)

Unless you go there you will think your regular momo wendor is the best. This place will just make u forget all the momos you have ever eaten. The food here is truly fantastic.

So, Blue Poppy it is .....


  1. \m/ best momos in the city, and I love the place.

  2. oh yeah, the Shapta nearly killed Dee. thank god she had my loverly cake to make her happy. But, I ADORE the momos here.