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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mumbai.... On the Roll

Life is a whirlwind of sorts, rite when u think u have eaten the best in a category, yet another gush of wind brings the aromas of something that just sets an all new bench mark. I have always thought that the best rolls are available are available in Kolkata. Well, last night i was just left stunned. Walking down another familiar street in the city closest to my heart, Mumbai. Yes, this is yet another roadside rendezvous in the city of dreams. But this time we are not going to see some age old techniques of cooking or some landmark.

Let me take you to the suburban shopping place LOKHANDWALA. Frequented mostly by youngsters and upcoming actors and models, you will be amazed at the variety of food that is available . One such place I went to was this shop called BREADKRAFT.

This place calls itself " no 1" roll shop. what i had here was an Egg Chicken Keema Cheese Roll. Spicy warm and simply brilliant. The wrap itself was like a cross between a luchi and a roti...
They have flavors ranging from Chicken Manchurian , Makhani, Chili Paneer, Mixed vegetable..and tonnes more...

Unless u have a bite if this warm flavor treasure you cant imagine what i am talking about. I don't know what came on to me... just sat on the foot tread and forgot what people will think and in the true Mumbaikar spirit just ate my way through the best junk food i have eaten in ages.

The roll, mind you, is thick and eating one is dinner by itself... A few steps away is Eden another local cake shop. The owner refused to let me click pictures inside his shop. So i managed to click only what i ate from there.

Lets begin with the Passion Fruit Cheese Cake with a top layer of passion fruit and the bottom layer of a very light blue berry. The best thing though was the crust. It was thin and flaky, and was made with oat cookies. With a hint of saltiness that was added by the butter in the crust, the flavors seemed to just burst open in the mouth. Just the correct texture to glide the spoon through, the only better cheese cake I have ever eaten is at The Big Chill in KHAN MARKET.

The second dessert that we tried was Fruit of the Forest . A wild berry flavored cream layered with a moist buttery sponge, topped with cream infused with basil seeds. Not many of us know that basil seeds are vastly used in desserts, In India we call it Tukmalanga or Sabja .. widely used in faalooda.. Ever wondered what those black slippery dots in a falooda were?

On that sweet note and with a hope to be carried home, i end my today's rendezvous of the mumbai road side. Good food does not need to be at a fance cake shop from a star rated hotel. It will summon you and you will reach it ...... if you are destined to ...

Till Then......Nan tara bhetuyaa

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  1. ugh.. cheesecake... ugh. I hate you now. I have cheesecake cravings now. waaaaaah!!!