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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mumbai... The Reminiscence

History of a place is never forgotten. Reminiscence of the the past is just what I describe Mumbai as. The city of dreams.

Let me take u down to the my favorite place in Mumbai... Apolo Bunder. This is the name of the area behind and around the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. It still has a charm that cannot be forgotten. Flying pigeons at the Gateway of India or maybe the street food of Bade Miya, it has the works.

My first memory of this place is of 2001 new years when i was training at the Taj. There is nothing on this Earth like her. She is the Taj ( as the slogan goes). Everyone in Mumbai knows Bade Miya. Its the mecca of street food. but there is its lesser known cousin ... Bagadadi...

This place is simple... cheap .. and out of the world. What they serve in the name of a naan is HUGE. Let me be very honest, there are no frills attached to this place. It is the love for some amazing food which calls me to this place every time i go to Mumbai.
Bagdadi has a very limited menu but what ever they serve is brilliant. a must try is the Fried Chicken. The bhuna gosht too is delectable. This is a Bohri joint and since the Bohris are a food loving community, this place stands out in its true stature.

Next, down the same road is Bade Miya. what looks like a closed trolley in the day become a Fair of sorts at night. Folding tables and chairs appear out of nowhere as the sun sets and a dull street turns into a food souq... Heady aromas or meat being grilled on live coals.... men tossing rumali rotis.. and sizzling bheja fry... Its a true delight to the eyes ... the nose and ... of course the taste buds.

Once your appetite is satiated we must take a walk around the biggest milestone for the hospitality industry in India - The Taj Mahal Hotel. It the most talked about hotel in the country and also a landmark . Stayed at by heads of state... celebrities ... It is a secret dream of every hotelier in India to be able to work in this hotel. Walking around this mecca of hospitality, one sees how much love went into its construction. The facades..the canopies, and the dome, the most magnificent artwork adorns this hotel.. and every single room.. every single corner has a story to tell.

The Taj is not only a state of the art hotel but also the jewel in the crown of Mumbai. This hotel is the face of Mumbai and holds a lot of respect in the eyes of every hotelier ever. My article today is a salute to her.. The Taj. She may be over a 100 yrs old but she is beautiful as ever. ..

This is just the beginning many a roadside rendezvous' await you in Mumbai.. The Irani cafes... the wada paw... or the Matki chi usal.... have many more stories to tell...

Till I meet u next....Nan tara bhetuyaa


  1. oh Rahul you make it sound so romantic and beautiful. I have never been to either Bade Miyan or Bagdadi, but the next time I go to Mumbai I know what to look for.

  2. btw, the last word verification said "keema". I think its a sign.