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Monday, September 26, 2011

A piece of kolkata gastronomy

There are some cities that call you, some that scare you away , and some that even build themselves around you. My city, Kolkata, silently sneaks into your heart and grows inside it. Sounds utterly filmy dosent it? Well, Mumbai may be the city of dreams, but Kolkata is a dream come true.

Yes, i know durga puja is around the corner, and i get all hyper about the pujas and how the fan fare is so grande . But, what exactly is the Puja fan fare? Its not all the lights or the idols or even marquees . The Puja feel comes from withing, whether you are a bengali or not its irrespective.

Today I experienced a phenomenon . It is a restaurant, but i still chose to call it a phenomenon. Before I get there let me tell you few things about Bengali food. When one talks about the Bengali Cuisine, one cannot forget Mangsho ( maans in hindi ) or Mutton. Unlike all over the world, mutton to Kolkata is GOAT....or Khaasi....or Patha..... And an integral dish is Kosha Mangsho. Its nothing but a Semi dry mutton curry, which when cooked to perfection is no less than a dream. one needs to broil the meat till it gets real tender. No festivity in a Bengali household is complete without Kosha Mangsho ( which when translated is Broiled Mutton ).

Getting back to the phenomenon, when you are in kolkata , Kosa mangsho comes with history. Every die hard mutton fan knows of this restaurant called Gol Bari, which is located at the Shyam Bazaar 5 point crossing. What we have now is actually said to be the new  Gol Bari. The old one is said to have been way better. To my surprise the name of the restaurant is New Punjabi Hotel. The place is not a fancy outlet, but when you cross it, the drift of the aroma flowing in the wind is bound to catch your attention. The place is small and old, but the people are really sweet, you need to pay at the counter and get a ticket, and sit. And the magic potions will arrive.

The mutton is no-need-to-chew tender and the rotis are soft and nice. Served with a generous portion  onion salad and tangy tamarind chutney, one does not realize when the plate is polished clean. This place is not just an eatery but any food lovers dream come true. It has a small little menu which consists of dreamy potions on different stature and measure. Anothe rprecial effect that was added was smoking the place with Dhoono or incense powder. The Dhoono smell is considered very festive, and has strong associations with the so called Durga Puja feel.

Yes, yet again i had a jaw dropping gastronomic experience in Kolkata, truly a food lovers delight
The city of ( tummy) joy.


  1. Oh I know... Every time I have been here, its PERFECT Kosha Mangsho... melt in your mouth! and the chutney... Ah God.

  2. :O when you went?!?! and that imli ta chatni....is to die for.

  3. Nothing can beat that taste of mutton and the chutney...Nothing. Specially when you put them so beautifully.