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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Navratra delights......

Navratri, or nine day festival celebrating the victory of good over evil, the celebration of life, is a very important as per the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated twice a year once in spring ( chaitra navaratra) and once in autumn ( sharad navratra) 

This festival is completed with a nine day ritual of fasting. This fast comes with a nine day dietary ristrictions called FALAHAAR....
which when translated means fruit food... In north Indian houses wheat grans are sowed for 9 days and worshiped, thus no cereals, grains or pulses can be consumed during this festival.

the recipes comprise of a few ingredients, namely potato, sago,  dairy products, pumpkin, buckwheat flour, water chestnut flour, lotus puffs, fruits, etc.

some of the wonderful things that one can make are as follows

sabudana wada
sabudana khichri
kuttu atta mirchi bonda
kuttu aatta and kaddu cheela
paneer ki sabzi
khatta meetha kaansiphal
sabudane ki kheer
crispy phul makhana
til aloo moonphalli sabzi....
fruit cream
amroob ki dahi wali sabzi....
kuttu tikkad

raw mango chutney

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