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Friday, June 6, 2014

From the time I have seen the listing of this outlet on Zomato, I have been after all my friends to pay a visit . Essentially , Fifth element is an oriental food joint,  ( which Kolkata is saturated with ) but it has some things that keep it apart from the others, The restaurant is beautifully planned and i love the stairs that lead to the restaurant .

Exactly speaking, this is on the juncture of suburban hospital road and Ashutosh Mukherjee Road.

As our group hit the place we fell in love with the interiors, although the lighting was dim the place had delicate interiors and designated areas for the elements of FIRE, WATER, WIND, and EARTH... The Fifth element being the food on the plate . We received a very warm welcome from ARIJIT, who was on his toes all evening to keep our large group satisfied .

We sat in the earth room and on request the lights were brightened, I loved the aquarium in water section, the bamboo ceiling in the fire section and the wood paneling in the earth section . Although I feel that place would look much better during the day in natural night.

Coming to the food .....

Som Tam Salad : Simply brilliant in terms of texture , I think we  were served a vegetarian version , as missed the hit of fish sauce in it . The beans , cherry tomato , and nut were not overshadowing the papaya salad and it tasted delicious .

Crab-Meat Asparagus Soup : Well, it tasted divine .... The crab didn't overpower the asparagus one bit and yet had its individual presence in the soup, the meat was sweet and the overall soup was very smooth . I think it was one of the better soups i have had in the city .

The  Chicken Wantons:  were delicious and crunchy and came with a hot garlic dip, they were crunchy even after 15 - 20 mins of service .

Pan fried Chili Fish: Decent not brilliant, i think the fish they use is basa , for dry tarted it was a tad bit less flavorful. A better fish choice will improve this dish.

Corn Fritters: They were very average, flavored with kaffir lime they were quite oily and didn't please me much . It was too ordinary to be on a restaurant menu .

The Cracking spinach: This dish had always surprised me and their rendition as better than its counterparts in many other restaurant , The occasional chili in the bite was lovely .

Sweet Soya Chicken : Simply Stunning ! This was a show stopper . The juicy thigh pieces were out of the world. The charred chicken had a brilliant smoky flavor and made us go quiet .

Chili Pork: As I don't eat pork I took feedback from friends who do and they said it was tad bit over crooked but tasty.

Thai Vegetable Green Curry: This came as another blessing . Finally a green curry that did not taste desi ! I ADORED IT !

Black Pepper Corn n Broccoli: Was disappointing and I mention it to he management as well

Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice and Vegetable Hakka noodles  : Lightly Seasoned and perfect Accompaniment  to the food .

Caramel Custard : the second disappointment on the table : One of the easiest things to make in the dessert world and all one needs is correct proportion and temperature . The custard was over cooked and lacked caramel flavor .

South Indian Filter Coffee Ice-cream : HATS OFF ! one of the best frozen flavors I have had in the city , outstanding .

Well , fifth element is fairly new and has the potential of setting some brilliant trends  and breaking the monotony of the regular Chinese food we eat here in kolkata


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  1. Am planning to visit the place on my next trip to Calcutta :)