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Monday, February 11, 2013

Gulaab Ki Thandi Kheer

Seasons of spring brig on floral fragrances, honey colored pleasant mornings, and breezy soothing evenings. The season of spring also brings the onset of festivals like Basant Panchmi and  Holi . The floral fragrances floating in the air inspired me to bring to you a recipe that is a family favorite during this time of the year.

Gulaab Ki Thandi Kheer

Milk 500 ml
Paneer 50g
Khoya 50g (grated)

1 tsp corn flour
Sugar ¾ cup (powdered)
Gulkand 1 heaped tbsp (rose petal relish )
Rose water 1 tsp
Rose petals fr garnish


Heat milk  till it gets a little thicker
 Blend the paneer in the mixer till its a smooth paste and add to the milk
Add khoya and sugar and and stir it for a few minutes on a slow flame
with a little cold milk, dissolve the corn flour
add to the milk and stir till the milk thickens avoiding lumps
Add the gulkand and rose water and stop coking
Serve chilled garnished with rose petals 

P.s. do wash the rose petals before use . soak them in chilled water for better look 
P.s. gulkand can be bought from any paan shop

Let this mild and fragrant dessert bring to u a joyous  Basant Panchami ..and Happy Holi 


  1. You always make me to miss you with such posts :(

  2. cook them..... and i ma rite there .... with u

  3. Yummy kheer, mouthwatering here.....
    Inviting you to visit my space at your leisure.

    1. hey sanoli

      just followed your blog... will go thru it in greater detail :)



  4. Is this similar to chanar payesh? Nice recipe if I substitute khoya with milkmaid will it be fine?

    1. Hi Barnali,

      the texture is similar to chhanar payesh ... only this is much much easier to make :)
      Khoya adds a richness and a grainy texture on the tongue which milk maid wont be able to give... and yes milk maid will make it sweeter