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Monday, November 26, 2012

Strawberry Gateaux .... LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

Winter brings to us a lot of things, pleasant weather, happiness, celebration, and my favorite of them all Strawberries. A strawberry is not a fruit, its a symbol of love, a mouthful of strawberry and cream and feel like a blissful winter morning fulling your sense. 

Have been making this Gateaux for years now.... and its never failed to bring a smile .. 
A gateaux can be good and with a little care it can become mind blowing. Here is a recipe for a gateaux as light as cotton.. 

For Cake 

100 g sugar
5 eggs 
Red Colour few drops 
Maida 110 g 

  • beat eggs and sugar till sugar is dissolved and the eggs become stiff like whipped cram 
  • add few  drops red colour 
  • fold in the maida with a fork, be very gentle 
  • bake in a lined cake tin at 190 degrees for 25 mins.. 

For Icing 

300 g whipped cream 
4 tbsp icing sugar
chopepd strawberries 1 cup 
light sugar syrup with a hint of strawberry essence  1/2 cup 

  • mix suagr and cream together 
  • cut the cake into three and layer soaking cake with sugar syrup 
  • add a layer of cream and strawberry 
  • repeat the process with second layer
  • top with third layer and cover in cream 
  • garnish as desired with chopped strawberries 

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